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Maryland man faked being an Army Criminal Investigation agent, police say

ANNAPOLIS, M.D. — Police say that a Maryland man who impersonated an FBI agent in Delaware two years ago is in trouble again. Police say that this time the man impersonated an Army Criminal Investigation agent.

The Capital Gazette in Annapolis reports that 30-year-old Eric Kappesser was arrested Monday.

Police said that Kappesser wore a tactical vest with a police-style badge and a holstered handgun when he entered a business in Annapolis late last month.

Security staff confronted Kappesser and asked him to leave. Police in Anne Arundel County arrested Kappesser two days later on charges of impersonating a police officer, wearing an unauthorized badge and carrying a handgun.

Kappesser had pleaded guilty in 2017 for impersonating an FBI agent in Delaware. Authorities said that he presented himself as a federal agent, wore a fake badge and bought firearms with a law enforcement discount.

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