In a poll a decade ago, some 12 million Americans suggested that lizard people were in control of the government.

Today, we’re finally seeing at least one similar-but-not-really manifestation: a Texas horned lizard that was recently designated as the official mascot of Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Named “Tink the Mechanic,” the service introduced the mascot to children at the Tinker Youth Center on June 27.

Of course, unlike the conspiracy involving lizard people who don human skin to walk the hallowed halls of Congress, Tink is human-operated.

According to the Air Force, the Texas horned lizard is “a species of lizard that have found a refuge in Tinker’s undeveloped natural reserves. The lizard helps keep the ant population on base in check.”

Readers, however, may recognize this particular lizard as the legendary creature of “hhheheh” meme fame.

All hail Tink.

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