Big Hollywood names are reportedly attached to reboots of two military-themed movie comedies that could appear on the small screen in coming years.

A TV version of 1981’s Bill Murray-led “Stripes” is in the works at CBS, according to Variety and other entertainment news outlets, with the movie’s director, Ivan Reitman, set to reprise his behind-the-camera role. Meanwhile, USA Today reported that George Clooney is set to star in a miniseries remake of “Catch-22,” the 1961 novel that became a 1970 film starring Alan Arkin.

Paramount will produce the miniseries, USA Today reported, with Clooney playing Col. Cathcart, who was portrayed in the movie by Martin Balsam. No network or further casting moves have been reported; it would be Clooney’s first regular TV duty since leaving “ER” in 1999.

Both original works have established places in popular and military culture. “Catch-22” has entered the dictionary as a description for a paradoxical or otherwise impossible situation, similar to the one faced by its main character. “Stripes,” which starred Murray, Harold Ramis and John Candy as part of a less-than-traditional Cold War Army unit, has found fans in uniform, many of whom weren’t born when the film came out:

Both reports portray projects at the early stages of TV production, with no guarantee they’ll find homes on network schedules or streaming services. ABC passed on a “Catch-22” series starring Richard Dreyfuss in the early 1970s, though it did air the pilot episode.