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Nearly 3,000 SGT, SSG promotions authorized for June

Nearly 3,000 Regular Army soldiers will advance to sergeant and staff sergeant on June 1, according to cutoff scores issued by the Human Resources Command in late May.

Sergeant names

Staff sergeant names

Cutoff scores

The scores authorize 936 promotions to staff sergeant, and 2,044 to sergeant, for a total of 2,980, which is 341 more than in May.

The promotions will go to soldiers in a pool of 7,467 promotable sergeants, and 8,326 promotable specialists and corporals.

Under the select-train-educate-promote (STEP) policies that took effect Jan. 1, the Basic Leader Course is a requirement for promotion pin-on to sergeant, and the Advanced Leader Course for staff sergeant.

There would be more promotions to sergeant and staff sergeant in June I additional soldiers in shortage specialties called STAR MOS were boarded, and in promotable status.

As of May 19, there were 30 STAR MOS for sergeants, and 37 for staff sergeants as follows:

Sergeant – 11B, 12B, 13B, 13F, 13M, 13P, 14H, 17C, 19K, 29E, 31D, 31K, 35G, 35L, 35T, 46Q, 46R, 68B, 68C, 68F, 68L, 68U, 68Y, 88M, 88N, 91A, 91M, 91P, 92R, 94P.

Staff Sergeant - 11C, 12C, 12D, 12M, 12Y, 13D, 13F, 13M, 13P, 13R, 14E, 14H, 14T, 15Q, 15U, 15W, 17C, 25D, 25E, 31D, 35F, 35G, 35Q, 51C, 68A, 68J, 68K, 68M, 68R, 68W, 68X, 68Y, 79S, 88L, 91A, 91P, 94T.

Because of their high promotion potential, specialists and corporals in STAR MOS are given priority for Basic Leader Course attendance.

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