Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey wants to know if soldiers support a return of the World War II "pinks and greens" uniform, and Army Times has launched a survey to find out.

The short survey was emailed to about 28,000 active-duty Army Times subscribers on Tuesday, so be sure to check your email for your chance to submit your opinion. Otherwise, sound off in the comments below.

Results of the survey will be shared with Dailey, and it will be used to help inform future decisions. If the uniform is brought back, the intent would be for it to be an optional uniform, one that's more formal than the Army Combat Uniform but less formal than the Army Service Uniform worn now.

The old school "pinks and greens" seem to be popular among soldiers - many of you asked for it when Army Times last fall asked soldiers to send in any and all uniform changes they'd like to see.

"I think the Army should have a khaki working uniform for officers and [noncommissioned officers] in office positions," one soldier wrote. "Think World War II Army."

Some soldiers said the uniforms recapture a so-called "golden era."

"I nominate World War II pinks and greens-style uniforms to make a return," another soldier wrote. "It's classy as hell, has a solid historical look, and you can tell the person wearing it is in the Army."

Do you like the throwback uniforms? Would you like to have the option of wearing it instead of the Army Service Uniform?

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