The 195th Medical Detachment Veterinary Services Supports made a visit the Equestrian Center in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Defense last week as a "military-to-military project the United States has with its host nation of Kuwait," according to U.S. Army Central

During the visit, preventative care was given to horses because "the Kuwaiti military does not currently have a veterinarian assigned to the Equestrian Division," said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Margaret Pierson. "We examine their lame and ills, bi-weekly, giving out free advice that can extend their lives."

"Overall, we ensure that the horses are getting vaccinated regularly, to which they appear to be," said Maj. Curt Degeyter, the veterinary preventive medicine officer. "We also ensure that the horses' teeth get floated and that we get them on a parasitology type of program, to get rid of parasites."

"We have 45 forward-deployed soldiers that cover the areas of Qatar, Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait," said Maj. Catherine Williams, the commander of the 195th MDVSS, which is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. "These soldiers maintain their clinical proficiency … while forging partnerships with the host nation."

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