The ‘Rattler’: This ultra-compact rifle provides concealed carry for special ops troops

How a Team 6 SEAL would use Sig's Rattler

The Rattler is ultra-compact and can be used in a variety of missions on sea, air and land. (Daniel Woolfolk/Staff)

LAS VEGAS — The company that’s making the Army’s new handgun has also developed the world’s smallest rifle, capable of being carried concealed in a saddlebag, backpack or on the body.

The Sig Sauer MCX Rattler was specially designed for the special operations community. It is a compact rifle that shoots .300 Blackout and measures just 16 inches when its short stock is folded.

Sig Sauer officials featured the firearm Sunday at part of the lead up to the 2018 SHOT Show, an annual shooting, hunting and outdoor trade show here.

The weapon was designed after British Special Air Service soldiers visited the Sig facility, searching for a weapon that met certain specifications, said Sig Sauer CEO Ron Cohen.

Cohen did not disclose who is using the weapon, but he did say it is currently fielded with units in the special operations community.

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