Brace yourselves, lady MacGuyvers, because there’s a new “tacti-cool” weapon in town — the Tacticlip hair clip from Propper.

That’s right. In addition to the rest of your military-issued CIF gear, you can now rock a combat tool in your hair. It’s perfect in case you find yourself in a scenario where a two-inch accessory might help you fight one of the hardest battles in military history — bad hair (among other things).

Unlike the butterfly clip, which 90s kids everywhere know to be a dangerous weapon capable of scalping any unlucky wearer, this ingenious new barrette will hold your hair in place, but also serves as a miniature version of a wire-cutter, screwdriver, ruler, and even has a nifty serrated-edge in case you need to cut something... or someone.

These clips are crafted from type #201 stainless steel, meaning they’re built tough enough to tame even the unruliest of hair, cut through cardboard, strip some wire or undo pesky zipties.

And while female service members have been rejoicing about updated hair regulations that may help combat hair loss, the Tacticlip, sold on Amazon, is an even further upgrade, because nothing screams ‘good-for-your-hair’ like having a small knife embedded in your scalp.

“Barrettes come in pack of 4, lasting through tons of rugged missions,” according to the manufacturer.

There is no word yet if Propper plans to mass-manufacture these for the troops.

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Rachel is a Marine Corps veteran, Penn State alumna and Master's candidate at New York University for Business and Economic Reporting.

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