Spc. Jonathan Robert Maysonet, 22, was charged with faces first-degree assault, unlawful imprisonment and other related offensives charges after the March 25 incident, which may have taken place in view of the couple’s 3-year-old son, according to court documents.

Maysonet is in a Pierce County, Washington, jail on $500,000 bond.

A field artillery tactical data systems specialist with the 7th Infantry Division’s division artillery, Maysonet entered service in February 2013 and reported to Joint Base Lewis-McChord later that year, Army personnel records show. 

He and friends from his unit were celebrating another soldier’s transfer on the night of the alleged incident, according to documents filed in Pierce County Superior Court. His wife told police she served as the group’s designated driver.

During a visit to a Tacoma nightclub, Maysonet's friends allegedly had to restrain him after other club-goers attempted to interact with his wife, the documents state. On the way back to the couple's apartment, Maysonet allegedly urinated into a cup and threw it at his wife, according to court documents.

After the drive home, his wife "jumped out of the vehicle and began running towards their apartment," the documents state. "The defendant exited the vehicle and began running after her."

A few hours later, Maysonet allegedly called one of his friends while the rest of the group was at a diner. The and his wife’s screams could be heard in the background, the documents state. When the group reached the apartment, according to the documents, two of the three friends couldn’t recognize Maysonet’s wife, whose eyes had both been swollen shut.

She told investigators that:

  • She’d ruan from the car to the apartment in an unsuccessful attempt to lock out her husband.
  • He allegedly dragged her into the building by her hair and beat her repeatedly for about 75 minutes, at one point producing leading to "so much blood I felt like I was going to drown in it."
  • He allegedly refused her requests to call 911 and dragged her around the house.
  • She volunteered to "make up a story" if he would stop, and he eventually agreed to call a friend.

One of the friends who responded to the call told investigators that the couple’s 3-year-old said "Mommy was dead" and later "woke back up." It was unclear how much of the alleged incident the child had been witnessed by the child.

In addition to her the nose injuries to her nose, the alleged victim suffered severe ve swelling, multiple lacerations to the face and a hematoma behind her ear, according to medical reports cited in court documents. Police at the apartment found blood-drenched bed linens, then removed them to find blood soaked through the mattress, the documents state.